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This is what the webring will look like at the bottom of your homepage

The Adelaide Theatre Guide is pleased to host the SA Theatre Webring and invites all South Australian theatre companies to join.

Unlike other webrings, membership to the SA Theatre webring is limited to South Australian  theatre companies.  This means that these sites don't get lost amongst the hundreds of generic Arts sites usually part of other webring, offering both better promotion to member companies, and easier and quicker access to local patrons.

If you are the web administrator for a South Australian theatre company, please consider joining the webring.  To do so, simply visit the joining page on Yahoo! by clicking here, then simply fill in the brief form. You will then be given the HTML to insert into your web page.

If you have any questions regarding the SA Theatre webring, please do not hesitate to drop us a line on

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What is a webring?

A "webring" joins like-minded sites in a circular pattern.  Once a member, a webring logo is placed on the front page of your website, giving visitors the option to chose the "next" or "previous" sites in the linked chain of member websites, or to visit one at "random".

In this way, visitors can move from one website to the other knowing that each site in the ring is of a similar nature.  In this instance, each site in the web ring belongs to a South Australian theatre company.

The benefits to companies which participate in the webring include, but are not limited to:

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