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The Adelaide Theatre Guide is proud to be recognised as the official website of the Theatre Association of South Australia (TASA).

Below is basic information about TASA.

If you would like further information on TASA or details on how you can subscribe to the Encore magazine, please contact TASA directly at encoremag@dodo.com.au

Full contact details for TASA can be found under the Contacts section of the Theatre Guide.

For further information about TASA and Encore magazine, please scroll down the page, or click on one of the following links to jump directly to that section.

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The Theatre Association of South Australia Inc (TASA) was established in 1985 by Phillip Halsall under the name of the Amateur Theatre Society Inc.

In 1998 the Society changed both its charter and its name to TASA to accommodate local professional and pro-am companies that were previously excluded from accessing the organisation's services.

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TASA is a voluntary, non-profit organisation that consists of over 50 member theatre companies and hundreds of individual members.

Its aim is to promote theatre and related activities in South Australia through:

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Encore Magazine

The public face of TASA is primarily through the publication of the monthly magazine, Encore.

Encore is posted out to members on at the beginning of each month (excluding January) and includes:

Annual membership fees to TASA also provides free promotion of activities in the Encore magazine.

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Membership to TASA, which includes a 12 month subscription to Encore magazine is:

Membership falls due in February each year at the Annual General Meeting. Those joining late in the year are offered discounted membership to see them through to February.

Membership to TASA is possibly the best way to keep in touch with or learn how to break into theatre in South Australia.

The Editor of Encore magazine, Rod Lewis, is also the South Australian correspondent for the monthly national theatre magazine, Stage Whispers, providing further promotion for theatre companies.

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What is TASA's connection to the Theatre Guide?

The Theatre Association of South Australia decided that it would like to establish a web presence for itself, however the necessary skills were difficult to obtain within the organisation.  This is particularly so when one considers that a voluntary-based organisation such as TASA is often faced with transient volunteers who may only remain active for a limited time.

The Adelaide Theatre Guide was already providing the detail and information which TASA wished to supply via the internet. The creator and Web Administrator of the Theatre Guide, Rod Lewis, also has strong personal ties with TASA, having previously been a Committee member and taking on the role of Acting Editor of Encore occasionally.

After surprisingly little discussion, it was mutually agreed that there was no point doubling up with a similar website and the two groups decided to strengthen and formalise the ties which already existed.

While the Theatre Guide and TASA remain separate entities, the formalised agreement now provides a mutually beneficial professional relationship.  TASA gets a website, and the Theatre Guide receives an additional avenue for promotion and information provision.

Despite the relationship, it is important to remember that TASA and the Theatre Guide are separate bodies. They also have very differently requirements, such as:

Information provided to the Theatre Guide does not necessarily mean it will reach TASA and vis versa. To ensure your company's information is included on the Theatre Guide and in Encore, you should always ensure that both parties are sent the relevant information.

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