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Showtime is the primary movie channel on Australian pay-TV services Foxtel and Austar, and Movie One is a first-run movie channel on both Opus Vision and Foxtel.
Each month Nick Carroll and Lynne Flavel kindly provide the following information.

See at a glance which first-release television movies are worth watching each month on Australian cable TV channels, Showtime and Movie One.

The attached tables list each film by title and year, and the star ratings it earns in two popular annual movie guides, available at bookstores.

The books used for the current listing are:

Don't risk missing the best movies! If you already have the books, this list will save you the effort involved in looking up each film just to find out whether it makes the grade.

Be aware that often the critics themselves disagree about a film's merits, and the movies over which they differ the most can be the most stimulating.

Where no review could be found of a film, and we've taken the time to watch the movie, we've given our own rating and a comment. In some cases, we've also given a rating where we disagreed with the critic's score. And in the column on the far right, we have introduced the Messenger critic's star rating. To see what the Messenger Newspapers critic wrote, go to As for the unreviewed films, how good they are could be anyone's guess. If you watch any of them and want to offer your own rating, drop us a line at

The list is updated each month. So, after you get your Foxtel, Optus Vision or Austar program guide each month, check this site for the new list. We are not only rating all movies on Showtime and Movie One, but all cinema releases and some made-for-TV productions dated 1997 or later which screen on Movie Extra, Hallmark, Arena, W and the Disney Channel.

We are using the latest updates of the two movie guides as soon as they come to hand. However, we note that the Mick Martin & Marsha Porter book is no longer readily available at South Australian bookstores. For the past two years we've had to order our copy from the USA through

Nick Carroll & Lynne Flavel

To access this information, you will need Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded free over the internet.

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