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As with all groups or organisations, members are bound by the Constitution of the Group, which is available on request. Membership fees are due each February at the Annual General Meeting and a number of options are available to chose from:

What can you do as a member?

Theatre offers a wide variety of opportunities, all of which are available through the Galleon Theatre Group.  New members seeking experience will be trained according to need and interest, whereas those with the necessary knowledge will be thrown in the deep end!  

Take your pick from:

Best of all, no experience is necessary!

That's right! One of the great things about community theatre is that you get "on-the-job" training. After all, the more people we train up, the easier it is for us to put on a show!. And since people come and go, there's ALWAYS a need for new people.

What do you get as a member?


If you live locally and want to become a member of one of Adelaide's premiere theatre groups, we'd love to hear from you.

Alternatively, talk to one of the Front of House staff members when you come to see a show or book your tickets.